Introduction (Partner)

In this knowledge base you will find guidance and answers for partners and installers. You will find videos and documentation to help answer your questions about our platform, becoming a partner, the process of setting up and deploying solutions as well as assistance with our available tools for ongoing support of your solution.

Where to go from here?

New or prospective Partners with high level questions

The Platform & new partner FAQs section answers to frequently asked questions as they related to our Platform, Business and resellers, as well as an overview of the Workflow for new partners.

Afterward, you are welcome to browse the rest of the knowledge base to get a larger picture of the tools and information available for partner support and installations.

Existing partner looking for help with their white label or Console usage

The Console & white-label support section will show you how to use the Back Office Console which can be used to Configure & customize your app as well to Manage your Customers and Devices for help with hardware and accomplishing day to day support tasks.

Assistance with Hardware, Solutions installation and training

The Solutions & Hardware section contains information on Hardware (ordering, returns, specifications) and Onboarding & Training that covers more information on the installation process, Tips and best practices for successful deployments as well as Solution Guides which walk you through estimating hardware, Installation and Training for solutions such as Push + Protect and Temperature Monitoring.