Push + Protect Guide

Setting up the account / preparing for Installation

The following will help you get an overview of the steps that we go through in collecting the information needed to prepare for an installation. First the amount of hardware is estimated (more on that process below) and then a new Configuration form is filled out - this gives us the details on what account to create and hardware to be added to it. Then the account is created and hardware gets added.


Estimating hardware needed for Push + Protect deployments

Estimating Beacons

The number of beacons you will want depends on your needs and the layout of the location being monitored. Here are some examples and thoughts on how to best estimate beacon hardware for your Push + Protect solution.

  • Room Level accuracy - for full wide area deployment we recommend having 1 beacon in each room. This gives you the best accuracy when you want to know where a button is located and offers the best coverage for all areas.

  • Optimize - if deployment in every room is undesirable further optimization can be done to limit either to common areas such as Guest Rooms and Common rooms, skipping rarely used areas such as cleaning or maintenance facilities. In such deployments placing 1 beacon in each room and then sparingly deploying to common areas and other specific areas is done.

  • Further Optimized / Targeted - further reduction in beacon counts can be achieved by spacing out beacons between rooms. In deployments where room level accuracy is not required, capturing the general location can still be achieved by placing a beacon in between groups of rooms for example.

Estimating Buttons

You will need as many buttons as you have needs for staff usage. In this there are two common approaches:

  1. Dedicated buttons per staff - If each staff member will get a dedicated button, you will need 1 button for each staff member.

  2. Shared buttons, shift assignment - It is possible to share buttons between staff. Buttons can be assigned in the dashboard to individuals. Thus at the beginning or end of shift rotation the buttons can be returned to a common area where they are checked out for usage. You will need 1 button for each staff member in that shift.

Note that we recommend having a couple of extra buttons on hand as spares in case someone has forgotten to charge a button battery, one gets lost, etc.

Estimating Gateways

  • Best Practice: We recommend deploying a gateway every other floor, starting with the top floor.

  • Best Practice: For redundancy you can deploy gateways on every floor, mixing in both Cellular and Ethernet gateways.

  • In Parking and substructure, cellular is no longer recommended - use Ethernet gateways.

Push + Protect Training Guide

How to use the different features in the app from a Push + Protect focus.

Push + Protect Installation Guide

Deploying the hardware and making sure everything is activated & online, tested and ready to go.