Recommended workflow for App account creation

At the account (App) level, the Admin user is the top of the hierarchy. Companies & Locations are owned by the single Admin account that you set up. Additional contacts can be added later and assigned to locations, but the Admin is set during that initial account creation. It can be tempting to rush into creating an account up front, but taking some time to understand our account workflow can help minimize headaches.

The Admin account will own the Company - take care in creating it first

There is only one Admin for each account and it is assigned to contact who created the account. Thus we recommend taking care to set up your account with this in mind as it cannot be easily changed later.

Once the Admin user is set, Companies & Locations can be created and additional contacts can be then invited into the locations.

Consider using a generic account Admin account contact

  • For large companies - always use a generic contact when creating your account. This will avoid having to swap Admins due to personnel changes at your company.

    For example: use a generic

  • For companies with lots of locations - you may wish to use an generic Admin, per location.

    For example:

  • For small companies - if you have only a couple of employees (Mom & Pop shops for example), you can probably get away with using your own contact details when first creating your account. Personnel changes are a rare occurrence in these scenarios, so the chances of this causing headaches is small.

After setting up your Admin account, you can create Companies & Locations or invite users

After the Admin account is created (generic or otherwise), you will then be guided through setting up your Company and adding Locations. You can have as many as you want in the account, each will be owned by the Admin, but you can always invite additional contacts (from the Contacts screen) so that they can access the location and help manage devices.